Mad World

Rumor of Religion (Camp 1)

A group of ragtag adventurers finds themselves in the remote town of Cath. They are far from being renowned in the world and aim to make a name for themselves. Although several of the members may have their own ambitions and secret intentions, they have come together as companions in an ever darkening world. They set out to find any information that might help them establish a reputation and hopefully find a sponsor in need of their service. What they found was much more than they expected.

The party finds residence in a local inn run(Drunken Dragon Inn) by a rather jovial barkeep(Drake0 whom knows a thing or two about adventuring. They pick up on a rumor that there has been talk of strange beliefs in the town. There have also been disappearances here and there of locals who never return. Many of the superstitious residents have chalked it up to spirits or the like, the party suspects otherwise.

The party than hears about a new church that had opened up in Cath. It is called The Church of Imax. It seems that worship of this deity has spread among the residence of Cath. As Drake is telling the party about theses men. Mayor Hathorn the Mayor of Cath enters and talks to the party and tells them about the missing citizens and he tell them that he think it has something to do with the church. Drake tells the party that some priest of Imax come to the inn everynight. The party decides to wait and until night to see these priest.

As Coal is telling a story about his god Ormagoden, The priests interrupts him and tells him that he is talking about false gods. The two priest get so angry that leave the party follows after them. As soon as Lubash and Rock try to grab hold of the two priest they are lit on fire. It seems that priest are protected by Imax. but they hold them even though they are on fire. Viper decides to try to scare them and changes into a large snake. They are not afraid but local guards rushes in to see this happening. Viper runs off. The priest that tell the guard that these men are trying to capture them. But the party tells the guard that they saved the priests from a monster. The Warden (Jud) tells the party that the priest healed some of men last week. It seems that the priest have a large influence in the village. But the party than tells the Warden that the monster god away and they would stop it. But they would also escort the priest back to their temple. The guards agree to these terms even though the priest argued against it.



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