( For now this will be disabled my computer that had them all on it broke so I lost all of them)( I will start recording when I get my new laptop and when we start a campaign ark )

From here you will be able to access the links to our session podcasts. If you enjoyed reading about the campaign and want something more, listen in to the events exactly as they happened. Would you care for a more complete retelling of the party’s adventures, then these are for you!

Warning: These podcasts DO contain language that may be unsuitable or undesirable for some. If foul language isn’t your forte then we advise not to listen. Listen at your own discretion.

Furthermore, some sections may be inaudible as our players have a habit of talking over one another. For this we apologize, hopefully it will not diminish your enjoyment in listening to them. We would also like to apologize for the audio quality in the first six podcasts. This issue has been dealt with and we plan on recording with our improved quality from now on.

Follow the link below to access the podcasts.

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