House of the Winter Shroud

Located within the township of Cath there is a building of unmistakable design. One of the largest structures in the small town is the House of the Winter Shroud. This is the head quarters and building of operations of the Order. The head of the organization, Maverick, can most often be found here instructing his members. Although people are welcome in most cases except during meetings, many stay clear of the building. Those whom are superstitious say that odd things go on inside and that the people meddle with the unknown. This is of course rumor but nevertheless the townsfolk are ever watchful.

Maverick likes to keep the matters of the organization secret, so if ever someone gets to close they are immediately expelled from the building. This has been met with opposition, however no one wants to meddle with Maverick for fear of retribution.

Those who would be allowed to enter would notice the complete contrast immediately. The building has several rooms throughout it’s two floors, which are used to accommodate their members. Each room is dotted with strange glass furniture complete with pristine silver embroidery. The quality of the pieces is so fine in fact that many would mistake them for ice.

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House of the Winter Shroud

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