Mad World

Fort Garis under attack

Its was just normal day at Fort Garis the squads were going out on patrol, the new soldiers were getting there asses whipped into shape by Master Serpent Ficker, and the Copper Crusaders were just getting drunk and making fun of the recruits in the mess hall. But at around the afternoon the squad lead by Sergeant Bloodfist was sent out to fix some issues in the market squire. About one hour later the mess hall was attacked. First the attackers though smoke bombs that would knock out the soldiers and next threw in explosives to kill them. The CC was able to make out just fine but the recruits were not so lucky . Of the ten who were there only 4 made it out and one of them (Richie) was missing a leg. The recruits were sent to the armory to to gather more weapons. The CC checked out the rooftop to see what was happening. When they got up to the top they could see that the cities was in some sort of rebellion. The Salarn district was on fire and about group of about 30 men were coming to the Fort holding sticks the the torsos of Legion Soldiers. The CC quickly decided that it was time to get out. They ran the stairs only to be meet up with some the recruit were sent out earlier for training. They instantly turned and attack the CC. The CC made quick work and were able to kill most of them with only one who got away.


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