(Ascendant) Tane Vitalis

Human Ranger (Beast Master), Was a member of the SL. Is now a god known as The Wander.


Personality Traits:

Tane is loyal to his allies and courageous in battle. Although sometimes introspective and demeaning he never turns from an ally in need. In certain situations he may come off as rude however he does not do this outright. Primarily he does not trust many people and his trust is difficult to earn. He views no one with particular disdain except for those that would wish him or his companion Melora harm. In addition he does not take kindly to those that would harm nature and does not approve of cities or machinery.

Mannerisms and Appearance:

Often Tane will keep to himself, only asking council of others if it is absolutely necessary. He views nature with high regard and would come between anyone who might think otherwise. Tane is not one to keep up appearances, he feels that embroidery and embellishment of the body is pointless. As a result he is often unkempt and may look scruffy or ragged. He has short cut brown hair and piercing blue eyes, at least those are his more distinct features. He is of average height and build but makes a point to remain in shape. A signature scar crosses his right cheek from an incident in his youth.


Tane was always destined for the life of a wanderer. When he was growing up with his nomadic family, he never got along with many of the other travelers. In fact most of his time was spent outside the village past the farmlands traversing forested grounds. He spent years fine tuning his tracking skills and becoming more in tuned with nature. One day he hoped to become a great adventurer like the legends that were told within the village. As a result of this however he only became more distant from the village folk and they began to view him as an outcast.

Upon turning fourteen he was charged to perform the traditional right of passage to become a man. The individual is sent out deep into the forest armed with nothing but their clothing and a dull dagger. The bot must then slay a single night prowlers in combat and bring back proof of his victory to earn the respect of the village.

The first few nights he spent in that dense untamed jungle were mostly uneventful and Tane had little luck in finding his prey. On the fifth night however, as he foraged away from his camp, he heard thrashing not too far off from his location. Deciding that it would be more beneficial to check into this, he made his way quickly and silently to the clearing.

Although he did not know it the event that was about to unfold would change Tane’s life forever. Before him he saw several figures, mostly shadowed, some only barely visible. One of these was a brooding pack of boars that were huddled so closely they formed what appeared to be a single massive creature of fur and and dark flesh. On the opposite end of the field were two creatures, although at first glance the second one was barely recognizable. Tane couldn’t believe his eyes, the creatures he now looked upon were in fact night prowlers. The larger of the two was lying motionless on the ground, while the other, a mere cub, sat huddled over it. Tane remained where he was and framed the event in his mind. Piecing the parts together he formulated what he now knew had occurred. Any sudden movements seemed like they would be brash, at that moment he remained quiet and collected.

Time was short unfortunately, for the boars were growing restless, many squealing and bashing their tusks against the ground. They had gotten their kill and would not wait any longer to claim the prize. Within an instant one of the dire creatures began to charge. It broke from the pack at an alarming speed with it’s target in sight. Without blinking, Tane quickly sprang from the bushes and leaped atop the raging animals bag steering it away from the defenseless cub. Confused and further enraged the beast began to thrash violently as a means to eliminate this nuisance. Tane kept hold however as he grasped at the beast’s long tusks and attempted to wrestle it to the ground. His grip failed however as he was thrown off by a sudden and quick jerk from the boar and he sprawled out across the ground.

Recovering quickly he darted back to his position between the beast and it’s prey. The boar now even more furious, pounded its immense ivory tusks against the with such force it seemed to make the earth split. It then dug it’s hooves deep and made a forceful charge at this new opponent. In that instant Tane withdrew his dagger, which had been sharpened anew and prepared himself for impact. Sprinting from his place he charged at the boar, his eyes fixed upon it. The tension in the air rose and it felt like there was electricity in the air, like the calm before the storm. Time seemed to slow and the two objects in existence were man and beast.

As the two combatants came within range they struck. The raging beast swung it’s mighty head upwards with such force that it would have shattered bone. Tane was barely able to to miss being impaled by the pallid spears but received a gash across his cheek. He however caught the beast in the side as it pulled up and plunged his blade deep into the creature’s gut. Dragging it across the boar’s side he could feel the blade shudder as it ripped through tendons and muscle tissue and certainty broke a rib or several. After that moment the two collapsed and all was silent. In the dun of the night not a sound was heard but the wind rustling and the slight unrest of the onlookers.

Another few minutes passed before any movement was made and it was that of Tane. Still clutching his dagger in one hand, his bloodied face with the other, he looked up at the mass of creatures now padding restlessly against the ground. The creatures saw the look in his eyes, it had become feral and ferocious. Tane suddenly gave a shuddering roar that seemed very strange and frightening to originate from a human. Sporadically the remaining beasts scattered into the surrounding darkness, knowing better than to remain, their leader defeated.

Tane remained on the ground for a moment after that and then slowly stood and strode over to the body of his opponent. The beast now laid still in a pool of blood against the ground. As he continued past his defeated foe Tane was attempting even harder to stop the furious bleeding from his cheek. He had by this time abandoned the dagger and his empty arm fell limply by his side. Cautiously he approached the cub who had turned it’s attention towards him and was positioned in a defensive stance. Remaining a few feet away Tane was again resumed a place on the ground and became submissive. After a few more minutes passed the cub seemed to relax and sidled over to the human with curiosity. Tane looked up and although startling the cub at first, it still proceeded.

It remained mere inches from him now and looked up at him. Tane looked back into the creature’s eyes and then lowered his head so the two now were at an equal level. As they remained there in the shadow of the night the moment seemed to last forever. It was in this moment that both man and animal realized that a bond was being formed, one that would span an eternity. They were no longer separated by any worldly barriers, their spirits were intertwined, their beings one.

Tane rose again and made his way over to the other body in the clearing, a victim claimed by the cruelty of nature. Observing the body he knew there was nothing that could be done. This once proud creature had been claimed by the forest mother and would return to the earth. The cub sitting by his side, Tane spoke a silent prayer to Melora and paid his respects. Upon finishing he looked back down at the cub and hoisted her gently into his arms. It was then that he noticed the white wave shaped mark on the top of her head and stared at it for a moment. Again looking in her eyes he said, “The mother of the forests has spoken, you shall be named, Melora”.

Before leaving the clearing Tane had made it a point to sever one of the tusks from the boar he had slain as a testament to his victory. This would later become a horn which would allow him to call Melora to his side if ever the two should be separated. After that fateful night, Tane never returned to his village. He had proven himself and at long last found a companion that would never view him with disdain. In the many years that followed their relationship would only grow stronger as they faced further challenges and experiences together. Time and again they have proven themselves a perfect duo; complete and in sinc with one another, their souls intertwined.

Tane had chosen the life of a wanderer, however no one ever said it had to be a lonely journey. With Melora by his side he decided to pursue a life full of adventure and see what experiences awaited them. He also dedicated himself to spread the wisdom of his goddess as a means to restore the once great forests that seemed to be lost in this new age.

“Live in pursuit of happiness and adventure. To change the world requires ambition and friendship, to have but one and deny thyself the other is to be incomplete”

(Ascendant) Tane Vitalis

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