(Deceased) Dallas the Sage

Wizard/Cleric, Founding member of the Silver Legion, One of the three sages of Ioun, was killed by the Archomental Imix at the Church of Imax.


Dallas was the younger of the three sages. The deity Ioun would train three sages every millenia and send them to the mortal world for an additional millenia to gather knowledge. After witch they would return to Ioun’s grand library in death to fill its halls with another chapter.

Dallas joins the party as they travel the world. They go on many adventures together gathering a larger group after each one. His millenia was cut short by the mighty fire Archomental Ragnaros (Imix). His death brought him to the Library eight hundred years early and with him the news of the false gods to the true ones.

They remain silent.


(Deceased) Dallas the Sage

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