(Deceased) Morgran Metalbelt

Owner of Metalbelt’s Ironworks at Harvest Hill, Helped the Silver Legion out during Maverick's Winter.


Morgran is a stalwart and hardened dwarf. Once a hardened fighter he had long since taken up blacksmithing after the Goldbane Wars. Frequenting several locations across the land, one place of residence has been Harvest Hill. Every year he makes a point to return during the Harvest Festival in Cath to sell his wares. As the owner and proprietor of “”/wikis/metalbelts-ironworks" class=“wiki-page-link”>Metalbelt’s Ironworks" he came upon some relative wealth and thus his desire for gold was born. He has great experience in his craft and is admired for the quality of his weapons. It is not uncommon to come upon an authentic Metalbelt weapon especially in locations miles apart from one another.

Although he can be a bit rough around the edges or stubborn he will make anything for the right price. It has also been rumored that he has a weakness for ale, almost as much as his weakness for gold. Despite his hardened demeanor he can be easy to get along with as long as he is not pushed too far or agitated in any way.

(Deceased) Morgran Metalbelt

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