(Deceased) Mayor Hawthorn

Mayor of Cath


Mayor Hawthorne is the esteemed representative of the town of Cath. Although he does not often pay heed to many of the townsfolk he will take up any problem that is urgent. He oversees the commerce and plans the festivals within the town along with the other committee members. Some residents would argue that the mayor does not attend to his job seriously and he only focuses on celebrations. He has been known to avoid matters involving danger and is easily persuaded.

Despite this he has been the elected official of the town for several years running. Maverick had given him a run for his money in recent years but many of the townsfolk feel Hawthorne is more trustworthy in the long run. Yet, regardless of his short comings he is still helpful in certain situations and tries his best to provide for the people of Cath.

(Deceased) Mayor Hawthorn

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