(Deceased) Maverick

Leader of the Order of Winter Shroud, His plan was to turn Caith and the surrounding area into a tundra and slowly drain its citizens of their life force in order to resurrect his wife (Hope Golddale). Was defeated and killed by the Silver Legion.


Maverick is a resident of the town of Cath and has been for about five years. Although he is elderly in appearance he is actually quite able bodied. No one knows exactly how old he is but he seems to have the wisdom of centuries. Not only does this make him curious, he also has much influence over the people and knows much about the goings on in the town. Maverick is quite popular with the townsfolk and many have proposed he run for mayor. Despite the encouragement he has politely refused for he has other important business to attend to.

Something that many of the residents do not know however is that Maverick is the Head of the “Order of the White Shroud”. The details of this organization are kept secret from everyone except for its members and even then they are sworn to secrecy. The only thing that is apparent is that the organization has a lot of influence and wealth despite their location. The details of this are known only to Maverick and he only reveals information to those he deems worthy. Needless to say the truth behind the order and himself will remain a mystery for quite some time.

(Deceased) Maverick

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