(Retired) Lao Fang

Goliath Adventurer \ Sidekick, Helped the Silver Legion during Mavrick's Winter its unknown what his fate was after the event.It turns out he did survive and is going to help the SL and Vensen kill Coren


Lao Fang is quite frankly a reserved individual. A strong hearted and iron willed man, he would not be called a socialite. Where he does show prowess is on the battlefield, in the heat of battle you can be sure he will be in the fray. Many people who have witnessed this revere him, even some of the most brilliant fighters marvel at his skill.

Not much is known about him except that he is the traveling companion of Sedrick. The two seem like an odd pairing to be journeying together, however their pact is secret to all but themselves. As a result of his mysterious nature many people prefer to keep their distance while others ignore him entirely. For Lao Fang the latter situation is ideal, the fewer who get involved in his business the better.

(Retired) Lao Fang

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