(Deceased) Drake

Ex Adventurer, Barkeep and owner of the Drunken Dragon Inn. He used to be a member of the Golden Oath He died from the Blue Mist.His granddaughter now runs the inn,


Drake is a simple in keeper. The proprietor of the esteemed “Drunken Dragon Inn”, at least that is what one would see at a normal glance. There are those however who have there suspicions and their theories that Drake is more than whom he appears. Some say that the Establishment itself is just a front, a guise to cover up something illegal or perhaps sinister. As the owner of an inn however Drake knows all about these rumors and has tried his best to put them to rest. He denies any and all questions that come to him concerning the matter and dismisses them as fools talk. That is to say at least to the those he wishes not to know.

Truthfully, Drake was once a great and noble adventurer who traveled the world of his time. Many years ago when times were not so strange he was part of a band of adventurers like himself. They were like any group of heroes just trying to make their mark on the world and live the dangerous and exciting lifestyle told about in stories. This however is information that Drake would only reveal to those he trusts lest he say too much and alert possible enemies to his location. Although he keeps mementos around from his younger days, he has given it up for a chance at a quiet and peaceful life. He is not above helping a group of adventurers here and again should they stop at his doorstep. In fact he makes every effort to assist in their journey. Something about it must remind him of the good old days and the life he once lead.

For now however he has settled in Cath, a peaceful enough town where he can be of service to those in need. One never knows if he will ever pick up a sword again, but adventure is always right around the corner.

(Deceased) Drake

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