(Gone)Coren Firemind ( The All Father)

The god known as the All Father left the world to create his own.


Head of the Church of Imax. Gained Godhood with the help of the Silver Legion. Than went on a Massacre of Astral Sea and started to kill the old gods. He is now the only God.


Coren has always been an ambitious man and he furthered has worked hard to earn his title. He is a man who desires power and reputation, someone who enjoys control. Becoming the head of a religious order is not necessarily difficult, all it takes is a message and people who are willing to listen. This was the perfect avenue with which Coren could gain his control and exert his dominance over a mass audience. He is not above making deals whenever possible as long as they will benefit him in the end. Simply put many could describe him as evil, however most men with his lust for power usually are.

It was not until twenty years after the “Day of Endless Thunder” Coren rose to put his plans into action. Slowly and steadily he gathered followers wherever he could find them. Although he would operate in secret to keep his actions and the cult away from prying eyes. It was nearly five years before the cult began to surge with a reputable following. Before then it had been nearly a whisper, now the name of Imax was gaining some reputation. Now ten years later, the following has spread to the farther corners of the world. Many would say however it is still a small congregation in comparison to others, yet the cult still manages to thrive.

It would be wrong to assume however that Coren is trying to spread the word of Imax purely for his own gains. True, he does it in the interest of gaining power but he also wishes for the power of his primordial patron as well. Ragnaros (Imax), although a powerful and domineering being is not as strong as he once was. Although being an elemental prince constitutes that he does have strength, it has dwindled in the last several years. The ultimate goal of the following is for the demonic patron to ascend to godhood.

(Gone)Coren Firemind ( The All Father)

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