• (Alahkar)  Sultan Vibhati

    (Alahkar) Sultan Vibhati

    Son of Coal Riggs and old Sultans daughter. Lecily adoptive son. Now Sultan of Alahkar.
  • (Alahkar) Clyde

    (Alahkar) Clyde

    Lecily personal assassin. Can no longer talk and is cursed to always have a ":troll face".
  • (Alahkar) Karma The Assasin

    (Alahkar) Karma The Assasin

    Assassin, She helped out the SR during the Three Way War but vanished after it.
  • (Alahkar) Sultan Lecily

    (Alahkar) Sultan Lecily

    Former Sultan of Alahkar. He retired and now just rest at his mansion.
  • (AS) Derpy Mage

    (AS) Derpy Mage

    Was hired by Lecily to kill the SL. But he failed. When he was about to tell the party who he was Clyde silt his throat and killed him. The SL restated him but he is brain dead. Member of the SL now traveling the AS to kill Coren.
  • (Ascendant) Coal Riggs

    (Ascendant) Coal Riggs

    Tiefling Bard, The Leader of the Silver Legion. Now god known as the Bard
  • (Ascendant) Cognort

    (Ascendant) Cognort

    Gnome Artificer, Was a member of the SL. He is now a god known as the Tinkerer
  • (Ascendant) Father Celes

    (Ascendant) Father Celes

    Was the Head priest of the church of the All father in Cath.
  • (Ascendant) Harvey Pendleton

    (Ascendant) Harvey Pendleton

    Corgi Warlord, Member of the SL. Now god known as the Diplomat
  • (Ascendant) Kalthar

    (Ascendant) Kalthar

    Minotaur Barbarian,Was a Member of the Silver Legion. Now God known as the Minotaur.
  • (Ascendant) Tane Vitalis

    (Ascendant) Tane Vitalis

    Human Ranger (Beast Master), Was a member of the SL. Is now a god known as The Wander.
  • (Ascendant) Zeles Silvershore (The Llama)

    (Ascendant) Zeles Silvershore (The Llama)

    Head of former house Silvershore. Helped the Silver Legion overthrow Davos and his father (Zelen Silvershore) . After the TTW Zeles was able to open a whore house in RT called the Inn. He know goes by the name Llama.
  • (Ascendant)"Sir"Bronza


    Former Terra-Sa Pit Fighter and member of SL. Now God of Strength and War.
  • (Ascendant)Vensen (Vecna )

    (Ascendant)Vensen (Vecna )

    A mysterious gay Tiefling who lives in Salarn. He knows the art of blood and resurrection magic, It is unknown what his plans are. He has a eye patch on his left eye and is always wearing a leather glove on his left hand. IS the God Vecna
  • (Caith) Bull

    (Caith) Bull

    Bull is the son of Kothar and Drakes daughter Bessey. He traveled the world with Kather until they split. He now works for Grenen.
  • (Caith) Butch Greyhill

    (Caith) Butch Greyhill

    Son of Jon Greyhill. One of twelve. He lives at the DD inn and helps out Rose. They are dating.
  • (Caith) Nova Riggs

    (Caith) Nova Riggs

    She is the daughter of Coal Riggs and Scarlet. Twin sister of Ember Riggs. She left with Ashes when went they joined the army. She has not returned home.
  • (Caith) Old Hobb

    (Caith) Old Hobb

    Hobb was the doctor for house Greatlore for many years. After the death of Davi Greatlore the Silver legion took him in as their own. He helped them at the Summit of Nations and during TTW . He moved to Caith after the war.
  • (Caith) Sarah Blackwolf

    (Caith) Sarah Blackwolf

    Daughter of Maverick and Hope Golddale. Wife of Ashes Blackwolf.
  • (Caith)Rose Greyhill (Vitalis)

    (Caith)Rose Greyhill (Vitalis)

    Tane and Velvet daughter owner of the Drunken Dragon Inn.
  • (Deceased)  Gloria Flattley (Mum)

    (Deceased) Gloria Flattley (Mum)

    Was the owner of of the inn/bakery/restaurant/Pub called Mums Pies (before it was destroyed in the Buring of Salarn), Mother of Velvet Flattley. Moved to Caith and married Drake. She did work as head cook at the DD inn. She died from the Blue Mist.
  • (Deceased) "Mad" King Davos Greatlore

    (Deceased) "Mad" King Davos Greatlore

    Lord of House Greatlore and was the King of Salarn. Was killed by SL during the TWW. He now known as the mad king because of his rule
  • (Deceased) (RT) Grenen

    (Deceased) (RT) Grenen

    Kings Hand to the former King Hector Golddale. . He helped the Silver Legion escape at the Summit of Nations. He helped the SL fight in the Battle for the Capital he vanished after TWW. Now he lives in RT and he is planning something.
  • (Deceased) Aurthos

    (Deceased) Aurthos

    Aurthos is Mayor of River town.He is suspect for the disappearance of the King.
  • (Deceased) Baldrick Blackiron

    (Deceased) Baldrick Blackiron

    Head of the Blackiron gang.He is suspect in the disappearance of the king.
  • (Deceased) Crimson

    (Deceased) Crimson

    Was the Head of a Cult trying to resurrect the death God Nerull. She Succeed but instead gave Nerulls powers to Coren he than soon after killed her.
  • (Deceased) Dallas the Sage

    (Deceased) Dallas the Sage

    Wizard/Cleric, Founding member of the Silver Legion, One of the three sages of Ioun, was killed by the Archomental Imix at the Church of Imax.
  • (Deceased) Davi Greatlore

    (Deceased) Davi Greatlore

    Cousin of Davos and Grendel. He was watching over Castle Seafoam now. He was a cross dresser. He was was skilled mage in the art of "Somnium" also known as dream magic. He tried to kill the Silver Legion in his dream world was defeated. Shortly after Tai
  • (Deceased) Drake

    (Deceased) Drake

    Ex Adventurer, Barkeep and owner of the Drunken Dragon Inn. He used to be a member of the Golden Oath He died from the Blue Mist.His granddaughter now runs the inn,
  • (Deceased) Father Solar

    (Deceased) Father Solar

    Was the Archbishop of the Church of Pelor in Salarn.. He was captured by house Greatlore and kept in their dungeons for five years. After the party escaped Devis Dream he tells them the truth. That he helped Davos and Zelen Silvershore kill Hector and tha
  • (Deceased) Godard Goldman

    (Deceased) Godard Goldman

    He is the hand of the King for King Zevran Zebrel. He is suspect for the disappearance of the King.
  • (Deceased) Jud HogsBreath

    (Deceased) Jud HogsBreath

    Ex Warden for Cath Jail, Warden for HellFrost Fortress, was killed by Rock in his own home when "helping" the Silver Legion.
  • (Deceased) King Hector Golddale

    (Deceased) King Hector Golddale

    Former King of Salarn, was killed by his son at a feast honoring his return, his death was blamed on the Silver Legion and his Hand Grenen.
  • (Deceased) Maverick

    (Deceased) Maverick

    Leader of the Order of Winter Shroud, His plan was to turn Caith and the surrounding area into a tundra and slowly drain its citizens of their life force in order to resurrect his wife (Hope Golddale). Was defeated and killed by the Silver Legion.
  • (Deceased) Mayor Hawthorn

    (Deceased) Mayor Hawthorn

    Mayor of Cath
  • (Deceased) Morgran Metalbelt

    (Deceased) Morgran Metalbelt

    Owner of Metalbelt’s Ironworks at Harvest Hill, Helped the Silver Legion out during Maverick's Winter.
  • (Deceased) Onryō

    (Deceased) Onryō

    Former member of Silver legion.. Was Raven Queens personal assassin and her Avatar. But was killed in a fight with Coren.
  • (Deceased) Prince "King" Zebbriel Zebrel

    (Deceased) Prince "King" Zebbriel Zebrel

    He was squire for Coal during the TWW, But in the end betrayed them in order to claim the throne for his father. He is now the king since his father is missing.
  • (Deceased) Queen Aurora Greatlore(Silvershore,Goldedale)

    (Deceased) Queen Aurora Greatlore(Silvershore,Goldedale)

    From house Silvershore she married King Hector Golddale. After he was killed by their son. She remarried Davos and had two children with him. Was turned into a Blood Hulk by Davos was killed by Seddren,
  • (Deceased) Scarlet

    (Deceased) Scarlet

    Coal's Whore (Was Jud's), Had Jud's Child Ashes. But instead told him that his father is Coals. She died because of the Blue mist.
  • (Deceased) Sir Grendel Greatlore

    (Deceased) Sir Grendel Greatlore

    Leader of the Kings Guard, and brother of King Davos Greatlore. Was killed by Bronza during the TWW
  • (Deceased) Thoril Oaklord

    (Deceased) Thoril Oaklord

    Human Fighter,Founding member of the Silver Legion was killed escaping the Hellfrost Fortress.
  • (Deceased) Velvet Vitalis (Flattley)

    (Deceased) Velvet Vitalis (Flattley)

    Mum's Daughter, Tain's Lover, mother of Tains twin children Rose and Hawk. Velvet died from the Blue Mist when it went though Caith.
  • (Deceased) Zelen Silvershore

    (Deceased) Zelen Silvershore

    Head of house Silvershore. Kings hand to King Davos Greatlore. Plotted the deaths of both King Hector and Rosa Purkel (kings first wife). Turned into a Blood Hulk by Davos killed by SL
  • (Deceased)(6T) Narcissa

    (Deceased)(6T) Narcissa

    Tiefling Psion(??), twin sister of Hydra, Ex- member of the Silver Legion, member of Six Tail. She left the Silver Legion after the Burning of Salarn. Helped the SL during the TWW
  • (Deceased)(6T)Hydra


    Tiefling Invoker, twin sister of Narcissa, Ex- member of the Silver Legion, Leader of Six Tail. She left the Silver Legion after the Burning of Salarn. Helped the SL during the TWW
  • (Deceased)C4-E2


    Prototype Gurilla warfare emessary bot created by Cognort.
  • (Deceased)King Zevran Zebrel

    (Deceased)King Zevran Zebrel

    He helped the Silver Legion during the TWW. But than he ended up betraying them in order to take the throne from them. But one day he vanished.
  • (Gone)Coren Firemind ( The All Father)

    (Gone)Coren Firemind ( The All Father)

    The god known as the All Father left the world to create his own.
  • (MIA) Arcterus the Wanderer

    (MIA) Arcterus the Wanderer

    Is a Changing Rogue, Ex- member of the Silver Legion,He left the Silver Legion after the Burning of Salarn.
  • (MIA) Prince Victor Golddale

    (MIA) Prince Victor Golddale

    Exiled Prince of Salarn. Killed his father at a feast honoring his save return. Exiled for kin-slaying/king-slaying.
  • (MIA) Thoren BloodHawk.

    (MIA) Thoren BloodHawk.

    Leader of the mercenary/bandit group called the Blood Hawks.
  • (MIA) Tim

    (MIA) Tim

    Exsilium (Exiled Mage) worked and helped Bronza capture Prince Victor Golddale, He was pushed off a cliff during a battle with the Silver Legion it is unknown if he survived.
  • (MIA) Uilaegli

    (MIA) Uilaegli

    Tiefling Shadowcaster, vanished during Mavericks Winter.
  • (Retired)  Rock

    (Retired) Rock

    Longtooth Shifter Warden/BattleMind , Former member of the adventuring group the Golden Oath and Silver Legion. Retired from adventuring after the loss of his step daughter Enacra.He than moved back to Natingrad
  • (Retired) "Sir" Jon Grayhill

    (Retired) "Sir" Jon Grayhill

    Former member of the Blood Hawks and Member of Silver Legion and one of Coals "Knights". Retired to his home in Dune
  • (Retired) Chardran

    (Retired) Chardran

    Half-elf Battlemind/Ardent , Member of the Silver Legion now traveling the Astral Sea to kill Coren.
  • (Retired) Lao Fang

    (Retired) Lao Fang

    Goliath Adventurer \ Sidekick, Helped the Silver Legion during Mavrick's Winter its unknown what his fate was after the event.It turns out he did survive and is going to help the SL and Vensen kill Coren
  • (Retired) Sedrick Tanner

    (Retired) Sedrick Tanner

    Human Adventurer \ Hero, Helped the Silver Legion during Mavrick's Winter its unknown what his fate was after the event.It turns out he did live and is going to help the SL and V kill Coren Brother of Seddren Tanner
  • (Retired) Whiskey

    (Retired) Whiskey

    He is a member of Grennen group in RIver Town.
  • (RT) Paul

    (RT) Paul

    Ex Brozeel captain Paul was the head of Kowthars army during the TWW. He now works with Grennen in River Town.
  • (RT) Seddren Tanner

    (RT) Seddren Tanner

    Head of House Tanner, brother of Seddrick Tanner, Was the Master of Coin in Salarn. Helped the Silver Legion over throw King Davos. Now CEO of Tanner Trading Corp. He is suspect for the disappearance of the King.
  • (Salarn) King "Sir" Shawn Golddale "the Bastard"

    (Salarn) King "Sir" Shawn Golddale "the Bastard"

    Former member of Maverick Militia, Member of Silver Legion and one of Coals "Knights". Now King of Salarn.
  • (Tera-sa) Brugief Lubash

    (Tera-sa) Brugief Lubash

    Half-Orc Fighter (Luchador) Former member of the Silver Legion. Left the group and became a Tera-sa bloodpit fighter.
  • (Westhold) Wenzlo Wayward II(Half-petrified)

    (Westhold) Wenzlo Wayward II(Half-petrified)

    Adventure/archaeologist, Ex Member of the Silver Legion. Was semi cured of his petrifaction and now works as a Anthropology professor at the magic university
  • Halabash


    Kalashtar Ardent
  • Shen


    Was A Human Ninja brother of Onryo. He helped the Silver Legion take down the cult who was trying to resurrect Nerull. He also helped fight the mercenary group called the Bloodhulks. He vanshed like a ninja after the task was done.
  • Theman Guy

    Theman Guy

    (MIA) Deva wizard ,Helped the Silver Legion during the Three Way War vanished after it. Is the head of the IGE.
  • Viper (D. Sorcerer)

    Viper (D. Sorcerer)

    Yuan-Ti Sorcerer, Last surviving member of the Silver Legion