It has been several years since the gods left the world and the faith of the people has faded. Now many false gods have begun to appear in their absence and are gathering followers at an alarming rate. These faux deities could be powerful Magi with a lust for power, Primordials who lost their power during the God Wars, or powerful arch-demons in search of a new domain to rule. Only a few people know the truth about these impostors and take it upon themselves to renew the worlds faith in the old gods. Still others cling to their believes fervently claiming that faith should not be so callously discarded. These groups must expose these deceivers and restore the old beliefs to the world.

A new day dawns as a large party of travelers come upon the small town of Caith. They are weary from their journey and in search of a place to stay after a hard day on the road. They are of all shapes and sizes, many would see them as mismatched and misplaced. Although in some cases this may be true, their goals are the same. Some seek answers, others aim to spread the truth, one may be looking for a fight, while another searches for an escape. They have come to make a name for themselves and even though they have their own ideals, they have come together as one. Will they be the ones to restore belief to a world without faith? Or will they tear the land further apart. Only time will tell what awaits these adventurers.

The Setting

The Campaign

The Game

Mad World

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